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  • How to connect solar panels: In Series or Parallel? [Ultimate Guide]

    When we have all the materials to start the photovoltaic solar installation, the big question arises: How to connect solar panels in parallel or series ?

    We know that not everyone is an expert in electricity or renewable energy, nor is it possible to remember the entire process. Therefore, from Solarcell we bring you this guide with the best way to connect solar panels in parallel or series and how to do it correctly.

  • How to buy a second-hand van in 5 steps

    When we make the decision to buy a second-hand van we only pay attention to whether it is aesthetically beautiful and has a good engine; This, without knowing that it may have other disadvantages that cause us to spend more money than we had planned.

    Buying a second-hand van will not be difficult, nor something to regret. You just have to follow the steps that we give you from SolarCell to ensure that you will be able to travel thousands of kilometers with the van.
  • What is the best van for camping?

    When we talk about the best van for camping, thousands of models come to mind, from classics to huge vans. But, a group of these vans has a specific purpose and it is what we will talk about today: Camperization.

    Consequently, the question arises “ what is the best van for camping ?” Don't worry! Here at Solarcell we will bring you some recommendations, and that way you can acquire the camper van of your dreams .

  • Sleep in a Camper Van in winter without being so cold

    Tired of not being able to travel and sleep in your camper van in the winter? Are you afraid of exposing yourself to the low temperatures typical of that season?

    In this article, we give you a series of guidelines on how to sleep in a camper van in winter without having to be so cold. Likewise, we emphasize the stationary heating as one of the most efficient alternatives for these purposes.

    Read on for a quick guide to what you should consider to meet that goal.

  • Camper van mattress: how to choose the best one?

    Imagine that you drive for hours on the road, contemplating landscapes and visiting new places. You surely want to know and explore everything. But, the end of the day arrives and your body begins to feel sleepy and you want to go to sleep.

    Now, imagine that your mattress leaves a lot to be desired, how do you think your night will be? Do you really think you'll be able to rest?

    Therefore, in Solarcell we will help you choose the best mattress for camper van . Since, traveling in your own vehicle does not have to be uncomfortable.

  • Showering while traveling in a Camper Van: Best options

    Traveling in a Camper Van has become one of the favorite options for travelers, to the point that many have turned it into a lifestyle. Whether for tourism trips, adventure, among many others, and every day more people are joining who have decided to live this experience. Thus, showering while traveling in a Camper Van is one of the many concerns that arise when starting this type of travel, since, not having a traditional bathroom, you must know what measures to take. For this reason, at SolarCell we have brought you this post so that you can discover the options where to shower while traveling in a Camper van .

  • Solar Panel on Camper Van - Parts of the Solar Installation

    What do Solar Panels do? Solar panels are the most obvious and essential component in a solar system. Its job is to collect energy from the...
  • How to Get it Right When Buying a Second-Hand Camper Van

    Once you've decided to buy a van and have a general idea of ​​what van you want to buy, it's time to start the hunt! First, we start with some general tips , and then move on to how to inspect a live-in camper van.