Sleep in a Camper Van in winter without being so cold

Tired of not being able to travel and sleep in your camper van in the winter? Are you afraid of exposing yourself to the low temperatures typical of that season?

In this article, we give you a series of guidelines on how to sleep in a camper van in winter without having to be so cold. Likewise, we emphasize stationary heating as one of the most efficient alternatives for these purposes.

Read on for a quick guide to what you should consider to meet that goal.

Preparing your trip to sleep in a camper van in winter

In this phase of the process, consider equipping yourself adequately with personal clothing items and equipment to prepare the place where you are going to sleep in a camper van in winter.

Regarding personal clothing

  • Winter pajamas : The most important aspect to take into consideration when selecting it is related to the type of fabric. Since, cotton or polar fabrics are mainly recommended.
  • Thermal underwear . Helps conserve body heat. This is because an ideal outfit should cover most of the body, which is why a long-sleeved t-shirt and tights are advisable. On the other hand, regarding the type of material, the most advisable is cotton, however, there are other types of fabrics such as merino wool and polar fleeces, ideal for sleeping in a camper van in winter.
  • Socks and gloves for winter . Sometimes we forget to wear them and that “small detail” makes us have a lot of trouble, since our feet and hands are very sensitive to the cold.

Regarding the conditioning of the bed or sleeping place

To sleep in a camper van in winter, a good winter duvet should be considered, although Nordic ones are ideal. Another option is sleeping bags and among them the mummy type is one of the best.

In all cases, the most important aspect is related to the comfort temperature for which the implement was designed. If, for example, it is ten degrees, it means that you will be comfortable as long as the temperature outside the implement is equal to or greater than ten degrees. Obviously, to the extent that the comfort temperature is lower (it can withstand colder weather), the price of the implement is higher and sleeping in a camper van in winter will be pleasant.

Additional preparations

  • Don't forget to check the safety conditions of the van before starting the trip. Since, these conditions must be extreme in winter time.
  • Make a checklist with all the elements you should consider for your trip, this may include food supplies, showering while traveling , choosing the best mattress for a camper van, among others. And, before leaving, check that you packed everything on that list.

Aspects to consider when setting up camp

This part is of utmost importance when sleeping in a camper van in winter , since many aspects such as temperature, safety, among others, will depend on it. Therefore, you must take into account the following aspects.

Site selection

Initially, an analysis of the prevailing temperatures in the area where we want to spend the night must be done. Sometimes places that are relatively close to each other have a significant difference in temperature. So, in this case, the one with the warmest temperatures would be selected, in order to have better comfort when sleeping in a camper van in winter.

Van Location

It is recommended to do so according to the following criteria:

  • In places not exposed to wind
  • Look for areas of low altitude in relation to sea level (normally it is colder in a mountain than in a flat area).
  • Also, it can be between trees or other vans to prevent ours from colliding directly with the wind.
  • Near bodies of water, since these act as temperature regulators.

Correct insulation of the van

Especially in windows and joints. If we do this correctly, we ensure that the temperature inside the van is not so affected by the outside environment when sleeping in a camper van in winter . On the other hand, the point of isolation requires special treatment, which is why we will deal with it in detail in a future installment.

Stationary heating. Alternative to sleeping in a camper van during the winter

Stationary heating is a mechanism that maintains a comfortable temperature inside the van. The main characteristics of these equipment are the following:

  • They work even if the van is not running.
  • Some operate powered by fuel through a feeding system different from that of the engine. Others operate using electricity, either through solar panels for camper vans or an auxiliary battery to pump the diesel and blow the air with the fan.
  • High efficiency in fuel use. If they are powered by electricity, the results are even more satisfactory (Turned on all night it consumes approximately 2 liters of diesel). Therefore, solar panels for camper vans are a better option.

General aspects to consider when selecting stationary heating.

  • Power that the heating must have, which depends on the surface of the van. For small and medium-sized vans up to approximately 10 m2, a stationary heater with a heating value of 2 KW works well. If the surface of the van is larger, one with greater power ( 4KW or more) should be considered.
  • Dimensions of the equipment based on the area available to place it.
  • Ease of approval . This criterion is mainly used to compare European teams with Chinese ones. The latter are not homologated during the immigration inspection and this creates problems for the van to leave the country.
  • The price . The prices of European brands are between 700-1000 Euros. Chinese brands range around 200-400 Euros.

Finally we wanted to put at your disposal a comparative table, where we put the characteristics of the main brands and models of heaters for camper vans available on the market. This can serve as a guide for your decision making.






(L*W*H in mm)





Air Top 2000 STC




Height kit.


Air Top Evo-40




Height kit.


Airtronic D2





Airtronic D4









Not homologable






Not homologable

Without a doubt, the stationary heating system is the right option for sleeping in a camper van during the winter . Since, you will enjoy a warm atmosphere and the rest will be much greater. Additionally, we recommend the use of Solar Panel Kit to have energy and drive said heating system. At Solarcell we can advise you on this matter, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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