How to buy a second-hand van in 5 steps

When we make the decision to buy a second-hand van we only pay attention to whether it is aesthetically beautiful and has a good engine; This, without knowing that it may have other disadvantages that cause us to spend more money than we had planned.

Buying a second-hand van will not be difficult, nor something to regret. You just have to follow the steps that we give you from SolarCell to ensure that you will be able to travel thousands of kilometers with the van.

1.- Why do you want to buy a second-hand van?

Just as there are differences between a sports car, SUV, all-terrain vehicle or mini, when buying a second-hand van you have to look at its type: small, large, very large. In addition, there are all sizes and for different uses, it all depends if you want it to work, transport tools or to camp the van and go around the world .

2.- Compare prices when buying a second-hand van

Perhaps, we cannot give you an exact price of how much it will cost to buy a second-hand van ; But, looking at the prices on sites like milanuncios, wallapop or vibbo, you can find some references.

This is useful to rule out those vans that are very low in price or at least distrustful; Since, if it is very cheap it is for a reason, it is better that you do not deceive yourself .

Pick some vans and go to the next step.

3.- Go see it before buying the second-hand van

Before you even think about buying a second-hand van , arrange to meet the owner of the van and take a look in person; If you can, go to a mechanic.

Indeed, buying a second-hand van can be a great investment; Therefore, it doesn't hurt to go check it before buying it or ask the owner to take the van to a mechanic for a quick checkup . This will help you to be sure that you have chosen your van well.

In addition to this, any repairs you make after purchasing a second-hand van will be added to the price you already paid; So, comment and use any damage to lower the price of the van. Some things you should pay attention to are:

  • Tire wear.
  • Possible bumps, scratches or scratches on the exterior.
  • Operation of lights or turn signals.
  • Condition of rearview mirrors.
  • Door locks.

4.- Try driving the van

The most important thing when buying a second-hand van is its engine; So, the way to check that everything works well is to turn it on and test it ; preferably with the owner at your side.

Next, start the engine and see how long it takes to start and how hard it does. Subsequently, go around several times testing all the gears, accelerating and braking. Above all, pay attention to any “strange” sounds that the second-hand van makes, because it is the proof of every vehicle.

Some of the things you should look for are:

  • Strange noises from the engine or vehicle in general.
  • Vehicle braking system.
  • Clutch system.
  • Difficulty changing gear.
  • Strange noises when turning.
  • Cushioning.

5.- Ask the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) for information before purchasing the van

The owner always guards his house, and for that reason, he will tell you wonders about the used van; It is your responsibility not to be naive and to inform yourself of details that can give you a lot of peace of mind when buying a second-hand van .

Therefore, it never hurts to ask the DGT for a report where they give you references of former owners, date on which the MOT expires, if you have unpaid taxes or embargoes that prohibit the sale of the second-hand van .

By following these steps you ensure that buying your van is a safe purchase; In addition, you will not encounter surprises and you can enjoy your new van ; whether to work or to camp in unexplored places in nature .

Additionally, if you want a well-equipped camper van, you should know how to choose the best mattress for a camper van , as well as the solar panel kit system, among others. Therefore, if you need more information about this , contact us and at SolarCell we will be happy to advise you.

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Do you have any recommendations of your own? You can leave it in the comments!


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