Rigid Solar Panels

rigid vs flexible solar panels

Rigid Solar Panel

The Rigid Solar Panel has solar cells that are mounted under tempered glass.

There are many sizes, from huge panels for house roofs to small panels that serve as a portable charger.

Most panels are mounted on a sturdy aluminum frame and designed for outdoor use as they are built to withstand hail, sand and wind.


Parts of a rigid aluminum solar panel

The glass is also scratch resistant, which improves long-term light efficiency by being scratch-free. They are also easy to clean when they have ice or hail, with an ice scraper you can easily remove the hail.

Rigid Solar Panels are cheaper and usually have a default warranty of more than 10 years.

Due to their aluminum frame with holes, they are easy to position towards the sun.

Some characteristics of the Rigid Solar Panel are:

+ Many sizes and shapes.
+ More durable.
+ Cheaper.
+ Easy to point towards the sun.

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